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    Digits twine atop an oaken desk, it’s color stark against the ebony tint of his office. It’s an heirloom, or so he suggests to any whom ask, and it’s presence shall remain until ill fate falls upon it. The strategist is awaiting some form of work — though it’s been terribly dull as of late. A step shy from speaking aloud to keep himself company, appendages part to bring fingertips drumming against the wooden surface they sit upon. 

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    “Disarray within a society is a quick method of routing the weak and discovering the mighty. Ruthless, maybe, but there is truth to be found in the idea. Unfortunately, inciting mass panic might earn me a reprimanding. And that’d be quite inconvenient.”


I would love to RP with those in our group! I know it might be difficult to think of a way to react to a character whom has very little information available about them, but I promise we can make it work somehow!

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    "Hmm…" A gentle murmur within the depths of his throat, the narrow chasm vibrated by the hum of his voice, “Meticulous…”

Boots click upon marble surface, haughty ambling drawing him closer to the prodigal Prince. Feigning a personality isn't required in the presence of his friend, though at times the strategist loses track of which facade is his true 'self'. Expression remains neutral, frigid countenance absent the swagger flaunted so commonly in view of the public and their cameras. "Have anything planned for the night?"


Extremities curled inwardly, slowly but surely enclosing to a fist in cadence to rising to an ascension, settling upon the underside of his jaw as his elbow rested atop of the arm of his throne. Elongated lashes were cast aflutter, capturing the scintillating stars in which reflected upon its surface as caerulean gems flickered to meet twin pools of spectacle hues. His physiognomy was naught but a reflexion in which the other was evincing—a veneer of impassive in place as the raven-haired male perceived the query that was bequeathed unto him; moments of quiescence was prolonged subsequent to the cessation of his companion’s words ere responding in turn. “No… tonight I have my own leisure. Why?”

    Miraculous, how such a sought after, high profile individual such as he manages to sanction off a bit of personal time. Celebrities are known for their leisure, however, he is royalty. Appreciating the notion of quiescence, though not being one to enjoy it all too much himself, Ignis drawls out a suggestion. "I’ve an unfortunate dinner planned," He begins with a meager shrug, "And I’d much rather not tackle it alone. You’re welcome to join me, of course. I’d actually prefer you to, if at all possible, otherwise I wouldn’t be mentioning it." 

    “Allocating resources is time consuming and, ultimately, a bit of a bore. Although little is likely to happen, we’re meant to be prepared for anything. At times, I wish things would transpire in order to test our precautions.”


She gave him the honor of listening to him thoroughly, though she felt the desire to interject. Still, she allowed him to fully speak his mind, waiting for the appropriate amount of silence to pass by before she gave him a piece of her own.

Her tongue darted out and wet painted lips as she thought of how to properly word what her heart desired to say. Arms crossed her torso, and she shifted her weight onto one hip. 

"No one opens themselves to be attacked. Sure, people do get disappointed and hurt from time to time, but people open themselves up to draw in the positives. Friendships, understandings, even friendly acquaintances that are willing to lend an ear in good and bad times. Sometimes all of that is worth the risk of enduring pain.” She was more sad for him than anything, knowing this was his thought process.

There might have been a time where she would have been so closed-off emotionally, that she would never have forged the bonds she held so dearly today. She would have been so distant and cold, so stubborn and unwilling to accept any amount of happiness just so she wouldn’t have to endure an ounce of hurt.

"It isn’t irrelevant, and you know it. No person would think it worth the time to shut others out if they hadn’t gained emotional damage from something or someone.”

She let her arms down and sighed. “Now, it’s not my business and I won’t pry it out of you, but don’t take me for a fool. You’re the one that’s acting foolish. Human beings are capable of terrible destruction just as much as they are capable of unconditional love and compassion. I’m sorry you haven’t met the right people yet but…you shouldn’t give up on us so easily.”

    “Emotional turmoil is a petty and pointless occupational hazard of maintaining the illusion that one can only be happy through the acceptance of another into their lives.” It’s far more than an unpleasant experience when gambling with hearts and minds alike, as the world is but a paper thin, superficial facade with it’s sincerity buried deep beneath layers of expectation and darkness. Thus, taking into consideration the secrets and clandestine musings many hold so close to them, and the nature of it all, Ignis must only reveal the true aspects of himself that are wholly unsavory. Distancing himself from others happens by default, then, and it’s only those that may somehow endure him that may truly reach out to him.

    “A masked vigilante,” The strategist begins at a lilt, "Man by day and a hero by night, thwarting the nefarious and halting evil in it’s tracks." A wry smile, now, as his middle digit pushes the frame of his glasses, sliding them higher upon the bridge of his nose. “Enemies are made in bulk, many of them quite serious about their work, finding themselves in malcontent however long this person exists. What do they do?” A dramatic example, but a familiar one nonetheless. "I’m sure you’ve seen at least a single superhero movie in your time, and for those that the hero in the tale are presently close to, or hold some sort of care for, their experience becomes less than pleasurable. They’re used against the vigilante, thus hurting not only them, but the vigilante and his goals." Hands clasp at his back and he ambles this way and that. "A President and his most trusted men. Who does the enemy target? Not the President, not the men, but their loved ones. And everyone suffers because of it. It’s a domino effect. It’s irresponsible. And, ultimately, it hurts far more than it helps." 


          ❝—But natheless, people believe what they will and feel,

            attuned to their valued principles; change things about it
            and you find a quantity of muddled ideas.❞

    “I’d much rather enlighten people as to the true nature of things, instead of allowing them to plod along unintelligibly.”


"I fail to see how peace is considered dreadful. However, I’m not certain you would find my ideal recreational activities entertaining."

    “It’s dreadful because it’s uneventful, but I suppose conflict is an atmosphere enjoyed in only a niche capacity. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the peaceful, but it doesn’t typically suit my…pace. I enjoy reading — it’s intellectually stimulating, but I can only do it for so long before I become restless. And what, may I ask, are your recreational activities?”